Today, we round up last week’s top stories featuring DJI, Autel, MLB drone testing, and a cool new tool for indoor drone inspections. Read below to get caught up on everything you need to know.

Firmware updates from DJI and Autel

Last week, we saw firmware updates to both DJI’s Air 2 and Autel’s Nano and Lite series of drones. The Air 2 updates don’t give us any new features, but the company said it “optimizes user experience and improves overall software stability.” DJI also updated its Fly app, but this does not give the user any new features other than general bug fixes.

Autel, on the other hand, brings some pretty awesome new updates to the company’s first consumer-focused drones. The updates give new frame rate options, manual focus control on select models, and the Nano and Nano+ get image resolution bumps.

The MLB is testing drones for improved TV coverage

It looks like America’s pastime is attempting to shake things up to make…