MUSKEGON, MI — Ice is continuing to cover the Muskegon South Breakwater Lighthouse.

The waves, cold temperatures and strong wind gusts have kept an icy surface on the Lake Michigan pier and lighthouse.

MLive flied a drone over the Muskegon shoreline, focused on the pier, this week. The drone footage documented the lighthouse’s ice that still exists, but also showed that much of the ice is gone from the surface of the water inside the city’s breakwater “arms.”

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The sun was out on Thursday afternoon in Muskegon, when MLive captured these drone images, but snow returned Thursday night into Friday. In West Michigan, the Thursday night snowfall led to several schools being closed on Friday.

Michigan’s weather this weekend, according to MLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa, will be quiet on the storm front and drought conditions continue to spread over much of the state.

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