Phenix Solutions Press Release | February 22, 2022

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The employee-owned non-traditional defense contractor, Phenix Solutions is flight testing their new aircraft with the U.S. Air Force under the Agility Prime program. Federal Aviation Type Certification is in progress with completion expected in early 2023.

The Ultra 2XL. Phenix Solutions Photo

In 2019, Phenix Solutions successfully developed, produced, and conducted test flights of two Heavy Lift Rotary UAS concept demonstration platforms for the USAF Agility Prime program that consisted of a single rotor and quadcopter design.  These prototype platforms helped Phenix refine the concept into a highly stable single-engine coaxial remote piloted aircraft (RPA).  Brian Riese, president of Phenix Solutions, provided the following statement about the prototyping efforts:

“The Phenix prototype flight testing validated our core flight control avionics, which allowed us to…