Drone helps catch suspect in short chase in Iowa

MILLS COUNTY, Iowa. (WOWT) – A drone equipped with night vision was used to catch a suspect Friday morning in Mills County, Iowa.

Vince Crowe of Seattle, Washington, is now facing several charges for drug violations along with several counts for traffic violations.

The passenger in the car, Mariah Hernandez of Oregon was also arrested. She’s facing charges for meth possession and giving false information to law enforcement.

Deputies say she lied about her identity when she was arrested.

It all began with an attempted traffic stop just after 4:30 a.m. The car didn’t stop and a short chase ensued.

The driver then ditched the car and ran off into a field.

That’s when Montgomery County officials deployed their drone and spotted the suspect using night vision.

Deputies arrested Crowe without incident.

According to the release, deputies found heroin, marijuana, oxycodone pills, and meth in the car.

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