sony cameras on drones

In a new integration deal, U.S.-manufacturer Skyfish will leverage Sony cameras on drones to acheive engineering-grade digital twins of large infrastructure.

The partnership is a “technical integration with Sony Electronics’ Alpha series mirrorless cameras[1], to deliver high-quality data capture and drone-enabled photogrammetry – the science of leveraging photography, proprietary algorithms, and accurate metadata to create precise 3D models or digital twins of large infrastructure,” says a Skyfish press release.

Skyfish’s drones are designed for precise engineering use cases. Skyfish 3D infrastructure models are measurable and accurate to within 1/32 of an inch.  Engineering-grade photogrammetry use cases include 3D modeling for precision inspection, measurement and analysis of physical features including cellular towers, bridges and roadways, wind turbines, airports, power lines and energy infrastructure, specialized land use management and more….