When it comes to search and rescue (SAR) operations, every second matters. And this new drone payload strives to not let any moment go waste as rescuers look for survivors trapped under debris or buried in an avalanche.

Echo SAR turns any cellular handset into a location beacon, even when there is no cellular network present.

Designed by Canadian firm Robotics Centre and manufactured by Teledyne FLIR Defense, the Echo SAR drone payload is equipped with the ARTEMIS mobile phone detection system, which has been developed by British cellular tech company Smith Myers.

The module enables drone operators to quickly find, map, and interact with mobile phone handsets in fast-evolving disaster situations, boosting the ability of first responders to locate victims and save lives.

More specifically, Echo SAR can find both an individual mobile handset and conduct mass mapping of mobile phones in out-of-service areas. Similarly, it can be used to communicate either with…


Source: dronedj.com