Switzerland-based Sulzer Schmid has launched a new plug-and-play solution that enables most off-the-shelf DJI drones to perform semi-autonomous wind turbine blade inspections.

Sulzer’s 3DX SmartPilot has been developed specifically for wind farm inspection campaigns in geographies where complex logistical barriers make site access difficult.

Stressing that the highly portable blade inspection solution can be brought onsite easily and deployed immediately, Tom Sulzer, Sulzer Schmid cofounder and CEO, explains:

Being able to use off-the-shelf drones makes the 3DX SmartPilot solution particularly well-suited for inspections of wind farms operating in very remote locations but also for ad-hoc inspections. It’s like carrying out inspections from a backpack. Deployable worldwide, our new plug-and-play solution is highly flexible and will overcome most logistical and customs restrictions. Once onsite, it can be deployed instantly.

Highlighting compatibility…


Source: dronedj.com