KENDALLVILLE — Between COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, inflation and a myriad of other challenges, there’s been a lot of roadblocks lined up against Kendallville and its residents.

But the city has been bulldozing through them, closing out a momentous 2021 and already plowing forward into another year that will be filled with big projects and progress.

Mayor Suzanne Handshoe had plenty of accomplishments to tout during this year’s State of City address given at City Hall Tuesday evening, with several more milestones fast-approaching not just this year but the next couple years.

“In spite of the headwinds, I believe we here are positioned for greatness and as you listen, I think you will agree after you hear all that we have accomplished and everything that is planned for 2022,” Handshoe said.

In her annual State of the City, Handshoe started…