Well, it seems that 2022 will be an interesting year if the blistering paces of the economies’ companies are any indicator – and JetPack Aviation (JA)is no exception. 

The company made headlines with their first prototype, a jetpack capable of range and endurance, back in 2017 with more recent-gen variants popping up in the past few years to support rider safety.

JetPack Aviation's Jetpack

As stated in NewAtlas:

“The JB-11 [jetpack] takes safety to the next level, as well as speed and power. Using three smaller turbojet engines per side instead of just one, JB-11 can hit speeds over 150 mph (240 km/h).”

“…more importantly, it’s now got auto-stabilization tech built in, and in the event of engine failure, it can automatically re-balance the thrust to keep a pilot from spiraling into a messy doom.”

JetPack Aviation's Jetpack


Source: www.webbikeworld.com