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Skyfish M4

Is the Blue sUAS list actually hurting the domestic drone industry?  These manufacturers say it is – and are asking Congress to address the problem.

Disclosure: DRONELIFE has a client relationship with drone manufacturer Skyfish.  This article is not a sponsored post: DRONELIFE received no payment for publication.

NDAA compliant US drone manufacturers say that the General Services Administration (GSA) adoption of the Blue sUAS list as criteria for purchase is killing their businesses – and innovation in the US drone industry.

Two US drone manufacturers – Terraview  and Skyfish – petitioned Congress last week to remove the Blue sUAS requirement from GSA procurement systems (see full text of letters below.)  The manufacturers claim that the use of the Blue sUAS list as an assurance of a secure platform has gone far beyond the intended purpose – and is causing material damage to NDAA compliant US drone manufacturers.

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