Former Utah congressman, Jason Chaffetz said that he wanted to get his shotgun and blast a drone out of the yard. Instead, he got a bill approved to study and specify criminal liability for drone operators.

Former Congressman Wants To Blast Drone With Shotgun But Gets Bill Passed Instead
Former Utah congressman, Jason Chaffetz wanted to use a shotgun to blast drone out of his backyard in Alpine, UT.

On a Saturday morning last summer, a drone was allegedly flying for 30 minutes over or near Chaffetz’s house in Alpine, Utah. a small town some 30 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Chaffetz, who served in Congress from 2009-2017, was annoyed with the drone and contacted Senator Mike Kennedy (R-Alpine) to do something about it.

“[Chaffetz is] a constituent of mine who back last summer called me when a drone for 30 minutes was hovering over his backyard on a Saturday morning,” Kennedy said. “He was kind of tired of that because it’s not the first time that it happened.”

Apparently, it wasn’t the first time a drone had ‘invaded’ Chaffetz’s privacy as he…