Erik on stage giving presentation. Erik's service dog sleeps at his feet. A large presentation board behind Erik shows video footage of volcano trip
Erik Weihenmeyer’s motivational talk showed some highlights from Welcome to Earth episode featuring Yasur Volcano.

Erik Weihenmeyer, a National Geographic explorer who has climbed Everest and kayaked the grand canyon, visited Boise on Feb. 9 to give a motivational talk with local company at the Boise Convention Center. Weihenmeyer is famed both for his adventurism and for the fact that he has accomplished his outdoor objectives as a blind person.

Boise State professor Jeffrey Johnson had the opportunity to catch up with Weihenmeyer during his short visit. Johnson spent a week with Weihenmeyer in December 2019 when the two of them, along with actor Will Smith, visited the exploding Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu. The group explored the volcano and discussed volcano sounds in a Welcome to Earth documentary on Disney+.

One of Johnson’s current projects is focused on understanding how the shape of a crater controls the volcano sounds during eruptions. Toward this goal…