Check out this short video in which the BBC explains how they use FPV drones to show the rainforest like we’ve never seen before.

The amazing footage is captured with FPV Drones that are equipped with GoPro cameras. Flying in between the branches and leaves can be very tricky and sometimes the drones crash.

“We are using an awesome little drone here, called an FPV drone that can fly in between the trees through tiny little gaps. They can fly almost in limitless ways,” says Louis Rummer-Downing Assistant Producer from the BBC. “You can fly them and right up and sweep back down around trees. There’s nothing else that you can use to get these kinds of shots, so it makes them really special and gives us a whole new perspective on the rainforest.”

Also shown in the video is the very special way in which they safely land the FPV Drones high on an observatory tower in the middle of the rainforest.

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