As in the United States, in the near future, almost all drones in Europe will also need to be equipped with a function that broadcasts the operator’s operator number and the position of the drone: Remote ID.

But not all drones are equipped with this “flight radar for drones” feature. To ensure that legacy drones can continue to be used, the Czech startup Dronetag is launching a Remote ID addon: the Dronetag Mini.

Czech Remote Id Addon Enables Drone Flight Radar - Europe

“Drone license plate”

Remote ID does for drones what a license plate does for cars: it ensures that enforcers and people on the ground can remotely see who a particular drone belongs to. But Remote ID is more than a license plate for drones: in future U-space zones, for example, it is essential that all unmanned aerial vehicles continuously communicate their position and flight direction, so that other airspace users can adjust their trajectory accordingly.

For the above reasons, Remote ID is mentioned as one of the product requirements that will be imposed on most…