illegal drones at sporting eventsHidden Level teams with local police to guard Texas stadiums from illegal drones at sporting events

By Jim Magill

Sensor system provider Hidden Level has teamed up with the Unmanned Aerial Systems unit of the Arlington, Texas Police department to protect the city’s sports and entertainment district from illegal drone incursions.

The company’s Airspace Monitoring Service has proven effective at helping law enforcement personnel detect an average of two unauthorized drones per game during the Dallas Cowboys’ regular season at AT&T Stadium. Using one of its own drones, hovering in a fixed position near the stadium, the Arlington PD is often able to spot and deal with the pilot of the unauthorized drone.

The most recent drone-related security incident in the area occurred on January 16, less than 30 minutes before the kickoff in the playoff game between the Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  The FAA has a standing temporary flight restriction (TFR) against…