Five ships of the Norwegian Coast Guard will soon be provided with drones with radiation detectors as standard. The measure was taken due to concerns about the increasing number of nuclear ships and floating nuclear power plants in international waters around Norway. The drones can be used to measure the spread of radioactive materials in the event of a nuclear incident at sea.

Norway Deploys Drones With Radiation Detectors To Detect Nuclear Activities At Sea

Nuclear Activities

In the international waters around Norway and in the Arctic, nuclear-powered cargo ships, icebreakers and submarines are increasingly being used, mainly from Russia. In addition, there is talk of the development of floating nuclear power plants and nuclear installations in the Arctic. However, many of these ships and installations are becoming obsolete.

In Norway, a large part of the population lives on the coast, so a nuclear disaster at sea would have major consequences. In the event of an incident, it is not inconceivable that many Norwegians will be exposed to radioactive substances,…