Instant logistics specialist Zipline has announced a new agreement to make on-demand drone deliveries of medical supplies in Africa – this time providing 24/7 service in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa.

The partnership between the government of Bayelsa and Zipline is being described as “revolutionary” in aiming to provide 24-hour, seven-days-per-week access to healthcare products and medicines to people statewide. Under the agreement, Zipline will construct and operate out of a single, centrally located distribution facility capable of covering most parts of the state. Once fully functioning, the on-demand drone service is expected to leap-frog current last-mile obstructions created by limited transportation, communication, and supply chain infrastructure to ensure speedy deliveries – in some cases measured in minutes.

Zipline has pledged to begin construction of the center quickly, and launch the service within six months of ground-breaking….