Drone manufacturer Skydio and fleet management software company AirData are coming together as technology partners. The partnership will see the integration of Skydio 2, Skydio X2, and the Skydio 2+ drones into the AirData platform, with an added benefit of live-streaming drone footage coming soon.

How Skydio and AirData will work together

When an organization’s drone fleet grows in size, managing a multitude of flight logs, meeting compliance requirements, and keeping track of upcoming maintenance needs can prove to be challenging. This is where fleet management solutions like AirData come in to tackle time-intensive, data-related tasks automatically.

An API-driven integration will allow AirData to automatically retrieve the flight data from Skydio drones. The under-the-hood transparency will then be used to:

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Track maintenance and discover early signs of problems
  • Provide detailed operational reports to users of the…


Source: dronedj.com