The German drone delivery startup Wingcopter is teaming up with UAV LATAM, a Latin American company with more than 10 years of experience in the Drone Industry.

Wingcopter And Uav Latam Team Up For Drone Delivery Operations In Peru

Drone delivery operations through partnership

Through this partnership Wingcopter will work together with UAV Del Peru, a subsidiary of UAV LATAM to start using a fixed-wing drone, the Wingcopter 198 to deliver packages for local clients.

With this partnership Wingcopter, UAV LATAM and UAV Del Peru will be leading the drone delivery space in Peru.

“Currently, several Latin American Countries have partially deficient infrastructure, especially in the health sector, affecting billions of lives, a situation that has been aggravated by COVID-19,” said Juan Bergelund, CEO of UAV LATAM. “At UAV LATAM, we are convinced that with the deployment of Wingcopter drones in Latin America, we can actively support Wingcopter’s vision of creating efficient and sustainable drone delivery solutions that improve and save lives…