Authorities in Russia have approved the KUB-E kamikaze drone from the Kalashnikov Group for export.

Russia Approves Kamikaze Drone From Kalashnikov Group For Export

“The Kalashnikov Group, together with Rosoboronexport, is ready to start promoting the KUB [unmanned aerial vehicle] on the international market,” the state-run manufacturer said in a statement. “It should be noted that this drone already has a successful experience of combat use, confirmed in real conditions.”

The KUB-E kamikaze drone

The KUB-E kamikaze drone has been tested successfully in strikes against targets in Idlib, Syria in December 2021.

The Russian army is expected to receive the first batch of KUB-E kamikaze drones this year.

TheKUB-E kamikaze drone was first exhibited at the IDEX-2019 international exhibition in Abu Dhabi where it received significant attention from international military delegations.

Zala Aero, part of the Kalashnikov Group, was responsible for developing the KUB-E kamikaze drone.

The KUB-E kamikaze drone is reportedly small and silent due to its…