The Chinese drone manufacturer Holy Stone has launched the first drone with a C1 label. However, the Holy Stone drone does not meet the new product requirements for a drone with a C1 label, such as the ability to broadcast the user’s operator number and load zoning into memory. The label, therefore, causes confusion among customers.

Holy Stone Drone With 'C1 Label' Doesn'T Meet Eu Product Requirements

2023: Cx label mandatory

From January 1, 2023, all drones sold in the EU must meet new product requirements. Depending in part on the weight of the drone, it is given a certain classification: the so-called Cx label. The lightest drones (up to 250 grams) receive a C0 label, for drones up to 900 grams there is the C1 label. Above that are the C2, C3, and C4 labels.

The European Regulation 2019/945 sets out the exact requirements for drones. Think of the possibility to broadcast the operator number of the drone pilot (Remote ID) or to load the current list of no-fly zones into memory (geofencing). However, the technical specifications of these requirements…