In Norway, TINE is testing dairy Delivery by Drone in partnership with Aviant, a company that uses drones for the delivery of medical samples and products. The first delivery of dairy by drone took place in December.

Dairy Delivery By Drone During Tests In Norway

Project manager and head of the technology lab at TINE, Eirik Åsheim, said, “Maybe we can fly the milk directly to your home at the cabin during the Christmas holidays. Or drones can fetch milk from the farmer when the roads are inaccessible. Or deliver goods more often to places that are not so easily accessible by car. TINE has ambitious sustainability goals and is committed to reducing emissions. We believe that drones can contribute to this.”

TINE has partnered with fixed-wing drone supplier Aviant,the state-owned airline Avinor, and Sintef.


Aviant already has experience with using drones to deliver blood samples to the St. Olav hospital in Trondheim and therefore was a natural partner to TINE.

Milk samples, according to Sheim, must be maintained…