The Skeyetech drone box system from the French company Azur Drones may be used in Germany to make automated flights out of the pilot’s view (BVLOS) over private territory. To this end, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) has issued an operational authorization. According to Azur Drones, this is a prelude to many applications in Germany.

Skeyetech Surveillance Drone Can Be Used In Germany Over Private Property

Operational authorization

The heart of the Skeyetech system is a drone that is standing by 24/7 in a docking station. The drone can fly pre-programmed missions, or be sent into the air on demand. The operator watches from a control room and can freely operate the camera or change the flight path. This makes the system perfect for surveillance purposes, carrying out inspection flights, or assisting during calamities. At the end of each mission, the drone automatically returns to the box to be recharged there.

However, in order to deploy the drone out of sight of the operator (BVLOS), an operational authorization is required from the aviation authority in…