Drones and underwater robots (ROVs) are increasingly being used to inspect wind farms at sea, for example. Drones are perfect for checking the mast and blades for irregularities, while the foundation can be inspected with ROVs. The Japanese robot drone developer ProDrone has now developed a drone that can perform both aerial and underwater inspections.

Robot Drone Performs Aerial And Underwater Inspections

Sea-Air Integrated Robot Drone

The Sea-Air Integrated Drone, as the aircraft is called, actually consists of two remotely controlled (air)craft. Flying through the air, the ROV is part of the drone’s payload, allowing the camera to capture aerial footage just like a regular drone. Once landed on the surface of the water, the ROV detaches from the drone and underwater shots can be taken.

Robot Drone Performs Aerial And Underwater Inspections 1

The robot drone was developed by ProDrone in collaboration with Japanese telecom operator KDDI and underwater robot developer QYSEA Technology. It took no less than six years to develop the drone. The result is the first commercially available drone…


Source: dronexl.co