Japanese tour operator AirX has placed an order with Chinese manufacturer EHang for the delivery of 50 two-person EH216 drone taxis. The intention is that the electric flying taxis will be used for the first time during the 2025 World Expo in Osaka. AirX still uses helicopters to transport passengers on demand.

50 Ehang Drone Taxis Ordered By Japanese Tour Operator

50 EHang drone taxis for tourist sightseeing flights

AirX offers more than 100 tourist helicopter routes in Japan. To date, the company has operated over 2,000 charter flights and carried 15,000 passengers. The company operates around 200 on-demand flights annually, mainly in the field of sightseeing. It is also possible to book private transport with AirX.

In the near future, the helicopters should be replaced by eVTOLs, electrically powered aircraft that can take off and land vertically. To make this concrete, AirX has ordered 50 drone taxis of the EH216 type from EHang. These aircraft are capable of carrying two passengers over a short distance without a pilot on board….


Source: dronexl.co