DJI has dropped a massive firmware update for the Action 2 camera – one which significantly expands the capabilities of DJI’s proprietary Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. So, with the modular camera making multiple stabilization modes available, how do you decide which one is best for you?

First things first: The latest firmware update makes Steady the DJI Action 2 camera’s default stabilization mode. Supporting up to 4K/60fps videos, this mode is suitable for most scenarios.

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You can also shoot 4K/120fps video with the RockSteady mode that Action 2 was launched with. But keep in mind that this mode requires more computing power to generate more stable videos with wider FOV.

Then you have the all-new HorizonBalancing feature, which supports up to 4K/60fps videos with horizon stability. Essentially, it keeps slick 4K footage level even when the roll axis is…