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    SAGINAW COUNTY, Michigan (WNEM) — A huge presence of law enforcement that culminated with the arrest of a man suspected of a break-in was done with the help from drone technology.

“We can’t afford a helicopter, but I can get something like a helicopter,” said William Federspiel, Saginaw County sheriff.

Saginaw is taking to the air to fight crime, but not with a helicopter like it’s southerly neighbor Flint.

“We have the drone locally, we can put it up in the air fast, and we’ve got all the technology with forward looking infra-red, everything that the helicopter has, but it’s a quicker response and you won’t even know it’s up above you,” Federspiel said.

Federspiel said Thursday night the drone’s heat-seeking technology located a suspected burglar.

A Saginaw police officer first responded at Boost Mobile on Davenport Avenue after a burglary alarm went off,…