The service will start in Salt Lake County in 2022, the company said.

(Courtesy of Zipline) A package with a parachute dropped from a Zipline aircraft in Rwanda.

Intermountain Healthcare is launching a drone-delivery service that it says will be able to fly drugs and home care equipment to hundreds of patients’ homes each day in Utah.

Eventually, the delivery service — operated by Intermountain and San Francisco-based Zipline — will be able to “complete hundreds of deliveries each day and be capable of delivering to approximately 90 percent of patient homes in the region,” according to a news statement Thursday by Intermountain.

Zipline anticipates reaching full delivery capacity over the course of about four years, said Caroline Cammarano, a Zipline spokesperson.

The service will initially target patients within a 50-mile radius of a distribution center in Salt Lake County, with construction set to begin early…