Imagine a special type of drone, not a drone that’s rigged for courier services or adventure photography, but one that’s a vehicle for real-world, in-person exploration. One made to fit, well, you.

Thanks to the minds at Jetson Aerospace, such a drone is real. According to its founders, the Jetson ONE is designed to make flight accessible to everyone. And the production of the single-passenger drone begins in 2022.

“This will simply be the first aircraft that you can buy and fly without a pilot license — the first introduction to flight,” said Jetson co-founder Peter Ternström.

The Jetson ONE passenger drone

The Jetson One resembles a miniature quadcopter or a flying dune buggy and falls under the personal eVOTL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft classification — industry-speak for what equates to a giant, human-carrying drone.

While it’s too early to tell just how great the drone’s…