top drone manufacturers

XAG V40 Agricultural Drone operated with broadcast system on board

New research from Drone Industry Insights lists the world’s top drone manufacturers of 2021.

The DRONEII Report assesses more than 500 global drone manufacturing companies.  From there, writes DRONEII Market Research Analyst Zahra Lotfi, manufacturers “are further classified into the Top 40 commercial drone manufacturers and the Top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers (drones for commercial and governmental use).”

“This year in addition to the global ranking, we introduced the Top 10 best drone manufacturers in different regions. The report also includes a comprehensive database of 500+ drone manufacturers with company information (not ranked).”

The leaders in the commercial space offer some surprises.  #1 is the dominant global leader DJI: no surprise to anyone familiar with reports that place DJI’s market share at anywhere from 65% to 85% or greater.

With ramped up competition all around the world,…