Israeli drone company Percepto’s autonomous site inspection and monitoring software solution, AIM, has been named as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2021” by Time magazine.

Percepto AIM leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to derive anomaly reports, trends, 3D models, measurements, high-resolution maps, and more from the field data collected by autonomous drones and robots.

This end-to-end automated inspection solution is being utilized around the world by critical infrastructure and industrial facilities that require frequent monitoring to ensure business continuity and compliance with safety and environmental guidelines.

Incidentally, the recognition from Time magazine comes days before Percepto is set to launch the 2022 AIM upgrade for specific industrial sectors such as solar, mining, energy, as well as oil and gas.

Percepto CEO Dor Abuhasira accepts the honor with gratitude when he says:

Percepto created a new paradigm for industrial…