XAG, one of the top three commercial drone manufacturers of 2021, is expanding its international footprint to new markets. Up to December 2020, the company’s agricultural drones and farming solutions had reached 42 countries. Now, China-based XAG is making its V40 and P40 agricultural drones available for purchase across the globe.

The XAG V40 and P40 are fully autonomous agricultural drones that can conduct three-in-one functions of mapping, spraying, and spreading on the farm.

XAG V40 drone

The V40 is a flagship model from XAG that flaunts a tilting twin-rotor structure for better performance in farm environments. The drone comes equipped with a 16-liter liquid tank and a 25-liter granular container, capable of spraying up to 10 liters or spreading up to 40 kg seeds or fertilizers in one minute.

In October 2021, XAG V40 took home the G-Mark Good Design Award, one of the world’s top industrial design awards, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design…


Source: dronedj.com