Just days after DJI took the wraps off the Mavic 3, tech YouTuber DC Rainmaker tested the new bird in gusty winds so you don’t have to.

Amazingly, the new quadcopter handles the abysmal conditions with stunning success, the captured footage silky smooth and a joy to watch.

Check out the flight in the video below.

As waves batter the shoreline, DC Rainmaker notes that the video is not sponsored by DJI, adding that he bought the drone himself.

The video starts by showing the Mavic 3 hovering just above the ground, buffeted by 37 mph (60 kph) winds but holding pretty steady. DC Rainmaker then launches the flying machine out over the water, switching to the footage captured by the aircraft itself.

Hopping between different modes, settings, and lenses, and with a “strong wind” warning showing prominently on the display, DJI’s new quadcopter stays in the air (which is what you want with a brand new $2,200 machine), with the footage remaining remarkably steady the whole…


Source: www.digitaltrends.com