Hyundai launches new company Supernal

Supernal Concept vehicle

Hyundai Launches New Company for Urban Air Mobility: Supernal

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, Hyundai Motor Group announced a new company called Supernal, LLC to advance its mobility solutions. As the evolution of its Urban Air Mobility Division, Supernal will be the key player in the Group’s future mobility vision. Supernal is developing a line of electric air vehicles and assembling public and private stakeholders to responsibly shape the growing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. The Company plans to launch its first commercial flight in 2028 and scale operations, capitalizing on the Group’s manufacturing expertise, as the AAM market and public acceptance begin to grow in the 2030s.

“In adding a new dimension to mobility, we are on a mission to transform how people and society move, connect, and live,” said Jaiwon Shin, CEO of Supernal and President of Hyundai Motor Group. “We have bold ambitions at Supernal but…