In June this year, we heard about the Airspeeder M3 eVTOL, a craft made by Australian company Aluada Racing. At the time, it had completed a test-flight. Now, it’s experienced a taste of competition, in the form of an actual drag race.

Which, if you’re going to race flying vehicles, is probably the way to start. You certainly don’t want to begin the experiment by sticking ten of them on a starting grid and seeing what happens on the first corner.

These eVTOLs are dragging it out

As part of getting ready for the EXA race series, which should start sometime this year, two Airspeeder M3 craft lined up over a 300-metre ‘track’ and sent head-to-head down a straight light. The two craft hit up to 154km/h over the aerial battle, with the red one going just a little bit faster. Because that’s how races work.

While there’s space for pilots inside these electrically-powered vertical takeoff and landing craft,…