Mirfak TU10

Gudsen-backed Mirfak Audio, a microphone solution provider, has unveiled an easy-to-use, clear-sounding USB desktop microphone with dynamic RGB lighting effects for streamers, gamers, content creators, and those pursuing superb detail and pristine sound quality.

The Mirfak TU10 makes a great addition to any RGB-lit setup. With its robust cyberpunk design, all-metal construction, and heavy-duty matte finish, the TU10 quickly catches your eye at first sight. Featuring dynamic RGB lighting and a rainbow of alternating colours, the TU10 mic adds a gamut of colours to your gaming setup. Pairing perfectly with your other gaming accessories, the Gudsen-Mirfak TU10 will quickly immerse you into an incredible and exciting atmosphere, bringing you the ultimate gaming experience.

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Full metal body design

Mirfak TU10 core features

  1. Illuminate Your Setup: The distinctive cyberpunk design and dynamic RGB light effect will light up your setup. Pairing perfectly with your other…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com