FAA rules current drone regulationsIn this column, Steve makes sure drone pilots know they’re using the correct lights for night flight; and are flying compliant with VLOS requirements.

The following is one of an educational series for drone pilots by Steve Rhode, Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy, and founder of Public Safety Flight, a website dedicated to information about the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), UAVs, aircraft, and drones in public safety. (Not to be contrued as legal advice: please see details at the FAA government site.  Opinions are the author’s.)

This article was originally published on PSflight.org, and is part 1 of a 2 part series on day and night VLOS flights.

“How far can I fly at night using my strobe lights?” is a question many just get wrong. Let’s look at the facts.

Your UAS is required to have anti-collision lighting on it that can be seen for three statute miles. Unfortunately, some…


Source: dronelife.com