Hubsan ACE SE

On paper, all Hubsan drones look extremely good, but you find how many issues they have when you actually fly them. For example, my Zino Mini Pro crashed after just 2 hours due to a sudden USB disconnection. To be honest, my biggest frustration was not that the drone crashed but that Hubsan refused to admit that it was about a hardware failure. They concluded that it was about some kind of interference with the sun, stars or rabbits in the woods :)). I hope that this news Hubsan ACE SE will have fewer bugs than its predecessors.

The Hubsan ACE SE follows the Mavic Air’s collapsible design with a wheelbase of 246mm. With folded arms measure about 119x175x73mm and weigh 543 grams. Its powerful brushless motors promise level-8 wind resistance.

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Design of Hubsan Ace

Its 4K 3-axis gimbal camera has a 1/2.6″ CMOS image sensor that allows capturing 4K videos with 30fps or 1080P with up to 60fps. The video bitrate is between…