Mavic 3 is the most comprehensive improvement to the world’s most popular drone series in three years. DJI has redesigned this drone from tip to tail to offer you a better sensor, dual-camera system, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, and longer flight times. But there are several awesome features that the Mavic 3 is sadly missing at launch.

Mavic 3 missing features

ActiveTrack 5.0

DJI says it’s upping its subject-tracking game with the upgraded ActiveTrack 5.0 tech. Previous iterations of ActiveTrack enabled Mavic drones to follow a subject as it moved directly toward and away from the aircraft while remaining largely stationary as well as flying alongside a moving subject.

ActiveTrack 5.0, however, will allow the Mavic 3 to move with the subject as it moves forward, backward, left, right, and diagonally, and fly alongside as well as around a moving subject. In addition, if the subject moves too fast and temporarily goes out of frame, the visual sensors…