DroneDeploy's new productsDroneDeploy’s New Products: company launches mapping, inspection and ground-based robot products

By Jim Magill

Drone software company DroneDeploy unveiled a suite of new products, allowing customers to virtually walk through construction sites, capture and process data across miles of pipelines or electric transmission lines, and control walking inspection robots from across continents.

At its virtual DroneDeploy Conference 21, held in October, the company released the following products: its Walkthrough for iOS App and Floor Plan view, to improve the inspection capabilities at construction and industrial sites; Corridor Flight, which facilitates the creation of highly detailed maps roadways, railways, canals, pipelines or other linear areas; and a beta version of its Ground Robotics capability, which allows users to send quadrupeds, such as Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot Spot, on autonomous inspection missions.

In addition, the company introduced new precise 3D…


Source: dronelife.com