crop spraying dronesSmall manufacturer of crop spraying drones takes on big competition

By Jim Magill

Mark Twain once said, “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” If he were alive today, he probably would have added that buyers of agricultural land should also look into using drone technology in order to improve the value of their investment.

Arthur Erickson, CEO and co-founder of Hylioan agricultural drone maker, predicted that there would be a boom in the agriculture technology space in the next several years, as farmers take advantage of advances in drone, robotic and software technology to improve crop yields and reduce their use of pesticides harmful to the environment.

“I urge people to look into the ag tech space as an investment sector,” he said. “We’re into some really cool things, but, it’s not just us. There are other great ag companies.”

Founded in 2015, the Richmond, Texas-based company has quickly grown to become a successful U.S.-based…