From dressing up in terrifying costumes to getting candy from roving neighbors, drones and robots had some serious fun this Halloween 2021. Here’s a compilation of some of the best drone Halloween videos and photos from this year, including an epic drone light show in Dallas, Texas.

Haunted drones spook hapless ice cream lovers

Halloween means it’s time for Ellen DeGeneres to scare her staff. This year, she lured them to the parking lot with an ice cream truck — but it turned into an “I scream” truck with haunted drones. An old trick that never fails to impress!

Robots go trick-or-treating

Watch Tready (trick or treater), a treaded mobile base robot from Pittsburgh-based HEBI Robotics, get candy from his best robot neighbors Rosie (short robot), omnidirectional robot platform, and Igor (tall robot), a balancing robot used for research.

Dressing up Spotty

Spot, the robotic dog from Boston Dynamics, also decided to wear a costume…