drones for kids

Staff, Courtesy of Tomzon

If you think drones for kids are just toys that can’t possibly perform well, think again. As they’ve grown in popularity, the market has widened and technology has trickled down to the mainstream, pushing manufacturers to make solid quality drones at kid-friendly prices to stay competitive. Whether you’re looking for something to fly around the backyard to perfect a 360-degree continuous roll (always impressive) or want a high-end drone to take great photos and video for your next vacation, read on for our top recommendations, plus advice on what you need to know before you shop.

What to Consider

The place to start when shopping for kid’s drones is age and skill level. The most basic are hand-controlled and look like UFOs, followed by quadcopters with remote controls that range from small and easy to manage to full-size for kids who’ve gained some experience.

Generally speaking, drones are made to fly around for fun…


Source: www.popularmechanics.com