2. Better detect small obstructions

Pointing a camera straight down negatively impacts detecting small obstructions, like vent pipes and attic fans, because the verticality of those objects aren’t effectively modelled. Missing obstructions in your modelling can derail a solar project by forcing a redesign, delaying an install, or negatively impacting customer expectations.

Oblique imagery will better present the X, Y, and Z-axes of a property, meaning you’ll more easily spot obstructions and can plan around them. This might mean a smaller installation, yet you can adjust customer expectations ahead of time to avoid problems on install day.

3. Increase sales using oblique images

Models created from nadir images lack real-world features. Often facades can look melted and the sides of structures blurred. Or worse, a nadir image misses data and yields holes in a model reconstruction. Oblique imagery, on the other hand, can yield truly comprehensive, interactive 3D models. Not only…


Source: dronelife.com