DJI’s just-released video gimbal system, the Ronin 4D is going to dramatically change how cinematrographers capture and tell stories, delivering a comprehensive modular solution for groundbreaking flexibility unseen in other systems.

DJI has built Ronin 4D with a complete, integrated ecosystem of accessories and attachments that enhance and steamline film production without making sacrifices.

And that ecosystem is designed to integrate across existing platforms and lenses making Ronin 4D the most versatile filmmaking system ever developed.

Cinematrographers can use Ronin 4D as a hand-held system, or attach it to jibs, cable systems and suction cups using both an over/under slung deployment.

  • Ronin 4D has unbelievable features, some of them groundbreaking, like:
    9 built-in ND filters (ND2 to ND512) that can be switched instantly thanks to an internal motorized controller
  • 4-axis stabilization, an industry first
  • LiDAR focusing
  • 8K/6K capture
  • Low latency wireless transmission
  • More…