wireless power for dronesBattery life is a limiting factor for commercial drones.  This technology company wants to dispatch wireless power for drones.

By Jim Magill

A company that uses its proprietary wireless-power technology to handle complex logistics issues in the retail and warehousing industry sectors hopes to adapt that technology to be able to power small drones, without the need for heavy on-board batteries.

Hatem Zeine, founder, president and chief technology officer of Redmond, Washington-based Ossia Inc., invented the Cota technology, which wirelessly provides electric power to devices, without the need of charging pads, induction or contact-based charging.

“One of the core capabilities of our technology is that it’s able to track a moving object, whether it’s a wearable on your arm or a small drone flying,” Heim said. “In spaces like warehouses or homes, you can have small drones that consume power in the lower power range and actually receive power when they’re in…


Source: dronelife.com