Zipline says success is serving human needs- DroneDJ

There haven’t been many companies that have embodied the concept of “drones for good” as compellingly as medical delivery specialist Zipline. Yet despite being one of the brightest stars in global UAV activity, the company is again offering a reminder of why it succeeds: It forgets about the drones, and focuses on the service.

In a Wednesday interview with Bloomberg Live, Zipline cofounder and CEO Keller Rinaudo reiterated previous views by company officials that all the attention paid to drone tech and the futuristic appeal of next-generation air transport is mostly distraction. Anyone wanting to understand why the company has come so far – and done so much good – in so short a time needs to look at what gets done, not the glitzier how.

Zipline, Rinaudo stated, is not a drone company.

“I think that’s probably the biggest misconception about what we do,” he told Bloomberg TV. “Sometimes people look at Zipline and see the drone – that’s…