DJI is positioned to release the highly anticipated Mavic 3 drone in a matter of weeks, and the company may have already signaled what the must-have new feature will be.

A trio of event teaser images depicting hardware elements includes the signature battery status indicator for a DJI drone battery. Based on DroneDJ‘s recent exclusive reporting, it’s fair to predict that the Mavic 3 will be remembered for at least one thing specifically.

Flight time is a key specification that a drone pilot of any skill level can appreciate. Whether it’s casual drone scouting for scenic views or capturing footage for a client, everyone wants to be able to fly longer without swapping batteries.

It wasn’t too long ago when battery life was something companies might not want to put front and center in marketing material — much less as a product drop teaser.

Battery life improvements for consumer and prosumer drones have been gradual in recent years, however. Lighter…