Forget about Mavic 3 rumors for a minute. Earlier this week DJI teased a 3 part product release announcement and everyone is claiming its the Action 2. Or the Mavic 3. Or just the Action 2 in three parts. Or worse.

Today DJI followed up with the actual invite for the October 20th product launch featuring a reasonably clear image (that we’ve enhanced!) showing exactly what this new product is.

And it’s not a consumer gimbal.

Months ago we saw a leaked photo showing a handheld PRO-level camera gimbal ‘station’ designed to carry a new generation of Zenmuse-style lenses. Check it out:

And with the latest DJI announcement it looks like its finally coming to market.

The DJI invite, shown at the top of this article is exposed enough just to make out a power button and some foggy features, so we took it into Photoshop and upped the exposure to get a better look. And sure enough, it’s exactly what we expected.  We can now make out additional buttons, control wheels and body…