A school of crevalle jack has showcased a mesmerizing display of artistic swimming right off the shores of Juno Beach in Florida. Swimming in perfect synchronization to create a heart-shaped formation, the fish look especially stunning in the glistening turquoise waters.

This beautiful display of aquatic artistry was captured by Palm Beach county resident Paul Dabill who specializes in marine photography. Dabill took his DJI Mavic Air 2 drone out for a spin on October 5 hoping to find mullet. He tells Daily Mail:

This time of year is the fall mullet migration. But there were no mullet at the beach this day. However, I found the school of jack crevalle instead. I immediately recognized the heart shape of the school when I first saw it. It maintained that shape for several seconds before morphing into other shapes. It was a special and beautiful moment.

Fans of Dabill’s photography agree. An impressed viewer commented on his Facebook page:

So cool that you…


Source: dronedj.com